military support

Who we help:

Military families who are left behind while their loved ones are serving our country, wounded military personnel at Naval Medical Center –San Diego, and Fisher House (the military version of Ronald McDonald House), and women who become new moms while their husbands are overseas.


Why we help:

We live in an expensive region of the United States. Sometimes, military families on the low-end of the enlisted pay scale struggle to pay rent and utilities. As a result, they have little left for food. We try to provide extra support around the holidays since this can often be a time of loneliness when far away from home.


What we do:

  • Distribute family food boxes to families determined by military personnel
  • Give children’s gift packs to children at special military events
  • Provide a “New Mom’s Homecoming Package” to women who have babies while their husbands are overseas (We give these at the Homecoming celebration.)
  • Give a shoebox sized gift package to Wounded Warriors, patients at Naval Hospital, and those at Fisher House
  • Involve military families in helping us pack emergency supplies in response to disasters at home and around the world


Ways you can help:

$35.00 will purchase food for a family food box. Some items included in the boxes are donated by corporations; others are purchased in bulk at wholesale prices with significant savings.


$8.00 will provide a gift bag for a child. The look of joy on the face of a child receiving a gift bag is a wonder in itself.


$12.00 will provide a gift box (the size of a shoebox) for Wounded Warriors, patients at Naval Hospital, and those at Fisher House.


$35.00 will provide a Homecoming package given to the wives of personnel returning from overseas who became new moms during the deployment.





1308 Walbollen Street

Spring Valley, CA 91977