help us

When we partner together, miracles happen!

Adopt a Family

help our troops

$20 provides...

a gift box and blanket for a child


$25 provides...

 a water filter and two 5-gallon buckets


$50 provides...

 one Family Food Box and a blanket


$8 provides...

 a child's care or Wounded Warrior package


$25 provides...

 food for two families


$850 provides...

 one semi-load (about 45,000 lbs)


lend a hand

fuel a plane

$1,500 provides...

 for 1/3 of the fuel cost for us to fly emergency supplies to school children, teachers and families who have lost so much in the Caribbean


You can help by...

 volunteering your services in packing supplies into boxes and/or helping us to distribute the supplies to  people in need.

Make a general purpose donation here:


You can also help by sending a check or money order in any amount to the address shown below.

Thank you for helping us to help others!

1308 Walbollen Street

Spring Valley, CA 91977